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Key Stage 2 Specialist Teaching Facility for ASD - Mrs Howells

Welcome to our class! 

We enjoy learning together and exploring the world around us. We like to visit our local area, and participate in new experiences. Mrs Howells is our teacher and we are supported by Mrs Evans, Mrs Davies, Mr Lewis and Mrs Botto

The Celts 


We have been learning about the Celts. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Castell Henllys where we experienced life as a Celt, making flatbread and exploring wattle and daub. 


Back in school, we practised weaving in our outdoor area. We visited the Mission Gallery where we used wool and ribbon in our weaving workshop. 

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Welsh Tales 


We have also been learning about Welsh tales this term. Our favourite is the story of Yr Afanc, the lake monster. We visited Fendrod Lake, but didn't see Yr Afanc. We even designed our own lake monster, as well as using Monet's 'Waterlilies' to inspire our lake paintings. 

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Merry Christmas!


Christmas has been a very busy time in our class.


We performed 'White Christmas' in Makaton sign for our parents, and have made Christmas cards and gifts for our families. 

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In the last week of term, we visited Santa in his Toy Mine. We all enjoyed, and loved meeting Santa! 
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Travelling Around - Spring Term 2019


Our topic this term is Travelling Around, where we have been finding out about different types of transport.


We visited the local area in the minibus and found pictures of old and new buses.


Learning about bicycles was fun, and everyone enjoyed reading the story of 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'



We even designed a new bicycle for Mrs Armitage!




We learnt to program our BeeBot and we did a traffic survey, to see how many cars, lorries and buses went around the roundabout.  




Spring Termly Overview 2019