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Mindful Monday 

Try making bubbles with us as a calming mindful activity to set you off for the week.


Making Bubbles with Miss Thomas

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Tasty Tuesday

Follow our recipe for Vegetable Soup for a healthy winter warmer!

Winter Vegetable Soup

Welly Wednesday 

We're going on a sound hunt!

Go on a winter walk and listen for different sounds.

  • you could take a sound stick to help make different noises
  • experiment  by striking different materials; try a fence, a tree, the floor, stones
  • practise being still, close your eyes and listen for animals or birds, cars, the wind or rain
  • are sounds loud or quiet, near or far?
  • how many different sound can you make when you walk? squelch in mud, snap twigs under your foot, rustle through leaves, crack ice, splash in puddles

Thankful Thursday

Go on a gratitude scavenger hunt to help you think positively.

Scavenger hunt

Physical Friday

Get moving with our winter Gross Movement Game.

You need 2 or more players.

Make six winter pictures of,

a snowflake- gently swirl around and fall to the ground

an ice-skater-glide gracefully to the left then to the right 

a snowman - stand still and tall 

a robin- flap your arms up and down, hop around 

a penguin - waddle around

an icicle - stand on tip toes and reach to the sky pointing your fingers as high as you can.

Stack them face down. 

Take it in turns to chose a picture and complete the action. 


Don't forget to post your photos to Dojo or Twitter!

Everyday Thrive Activities 

These activities help your child with social and emotional development. 

Other Wellbeing Activities

January Wellbeing Calendar