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Croeso i Criw Cymraeg - darllenwch tudalen

Criw Cymraeg is led by Miss Manchipp and Mrs Powe


The Criw Cymraeg are responsible for raising the profile of the Welsh language and culture within Clase Primary. They meet at the end of each week to discuss the 'patrwm yr wythnos' for the following week to help promote the speaking and learning of Welsh language patterns in our school. They then share this with the whole school every Monday in assembly and help to make Welsh more visible by displaying posters of the patrwm yr wythnos around the school. 

In their meetings, the Criw Cymraeg also help to make Welsh more prominent in our school by thinking of new ways encourage the learning of Welsh in a range of different and exciting contexts. This includes helping to organise our annual Welsh week, Eisteddfod and Dydd Gwyl Dewi (St. David's Day) celebrations and events. They have also run competitions to get parents and children engaged in their Welsh learning at home such as the 'Croeso' poster, 'dress the leek' and 'Welsh money box' competitions. Each class also has a Welsh mascot to take home with them for the weekend.

At the end of Summer term 2017/2018, the Criw Cymraeg were proud to announce to the school that Clase Primary had become one of the first 10 schools in Swansea to achieve the Siarter Iaith Bronze Award. The Criw Cymraeg played an active role in helping the school to attain this award, and are currently working hard to ensure that our high standards and expectations in Welsh are maintained in preparation for when we embark on the silver award.


Meetings are held every Friday lunchtime

in Miss Manchipp's classroom