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Find out how our Rights Respecting group have been keeping busy!

Rhodri's Rangers

Rhodri's Rangers is led by Miss Holloway and Miss Davies

Rhodri’s Rangers are a rights respecting group within the school from years 2 to 6. It is important that all children know their rights! In our meetings we discuss the rights of the month and how we can promote these rights with the pupils in our school, other local schools and within the local community. Our mascot is a rat called Rhodri and he is displayed throughout the school. We meet every Monday or Tuesday at lunchtime (12:15) in Miss Holloway’s class.

Our projects for the year are:

* To liaise with other schools to deepen our understanding about our rights.

* To conduct rights based assemblies that are fun and interactive once a month.

* To ensure that Rhodri and different rights are displayed around the school by conducting right walks.