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Foundation Phase Specialist Teaching Facility for ASD - Miss Davies

Returning to School in September


Our class will be returning to School on Thursday 3rd September.    


For the first two weeks the School day will be slightly shorter (9am - 2.45pm) and all children will be required to bring a packed lunch to eat in the classroom. 


For new pupils starting school, please see your individual email regarding start dates and times. 


Please watch the videos on our class page and see the leaflets to help you prepare for what  September will look like for your child. 


For individual Key Stage 2 transitions please see your messages on Class Dojo


Also don't forget to read Mrs Hope's newsletter from the end of last term as well, as it has important information about how to get to your classroom and some general information.


We hope that you have had a lovely summer and we are really looking forward to seeing you in September. 

Returning to School

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Our classroom, outdoor area and how to get to class.

Who is in the Class?

Miss Davies
Mrs Lewis
Miss Thomas
Mrs Sharpe
Miss Griffiths

Time to Sing and Sign!

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Miss Davies' sings and Makaton signs Baa Baa Black Sheep and will show what adults are in your class.

Welcome to Our Class! 

In our class, we like to learn in lots of different ways and have fun! 

Some of our favourite learning activities are going shopping, cooking, singing and we love messy play! Most of all, we enjoy learning together! 

Miss Davies is our teacher and we are so lucky to be supported in our learning by Mrs Lewis, Miss Thomas, Mrs Sharpe and Miss Griffiths.

A few helpful reminders!

  • Class fund is paid on a Monday every week and is £3. This covers our fruit, healthy snack, cooking and going out on the minibus shopping every week.
  • Our PE day is on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon.
  • We do lots of messy play so could we please have spare clothes just in case we get a little bit dirty!
  • We cook on a Tuesday and we cook or taste different things every week!
  • For this half term we will be having our Forest Schools session on a Wednesday morning.
  • We go shopping either on a Thursday or a Friday every week, if you're unsure which day your child goes on or if anything changes we will let you know!


Thank you for your continued support :)

Helpful Websites for Parents and Carers:  - National Autistic Society - Swansea Carers Centre - ASD Info Wales - Things to do in Swansea - BBC School Radio (Songs and Rhymes)


Summer Term 2020 - Home Learning mail

We have provided weekly home learning activities that you can complete with your child. You can either complete the 'Our Week of Fun' or the learning activities on the 'How Does Your Garden Grow' page... or even both! If you are unsure of what mini beast your child is then please contact us on Class Dojo or through email. The red activities on the grids will be what we are working on when pupil's are in School. We will be working from the Foundation Phase grids, please see the direct link below. In addition, please can all parents continue to work on pupils’ IEP targets at home daily. 


How Does Your Garden Grow:


Our Week of Fun laugh

Each week we will be uploading a different grid to support your child's home learning to help develop the following areas. These areas include:

Speech and language --> Come and communicate

Gross motor skills --> Magical movement

Cooking skills --> Little chefs

Fine motor skills --> Funky fingers

Listening to music, songs and rhymes linked to literacy and numeracy --> Tune time

Calming and relaxing activities --> Cool and calm

Learning outside --> Wonderful wellies

Helping around the house to support life skill development --> Helpful heroes


Have fun! 

Videos of the Week laugh

Week 12 – W/C 13/7/20 

The Ugly Bug Ball - 

Incy Wincy Spider -

Cosmic Kids – Summertime Yoga - 

Heno Heno -

Routines - Can you follow a routine?

Welsh Home Learning Activities

Hwb mail


Hwb has a range of fun and interactive activities for your child to access at home. You can also check your child's emails on Hwb. To do this, you first need to log on to your child's Hwb account. Select Office 365 and then click on Outlook for emails. It would be great to receive emails which contain pictures of activities that you have been doing together. 


We also really enjoy using Just 2 Easy in our class. To access this, log onto Hwb. Click on Just 2 Easy or it might be called J2e on mobile devices. Once you've done that then click on Jit. We love to paint and draw on Jit! 


In order for your child to access any of the resources on Hwb; you will need their individual Hwb account details. If you are unsure of your child’s Hwb login details, please will you email your child’s class teacher. Additionally, if you have any questions or queries about your child’s learning would you please email us on the following:

Email for Miss Davies:

Email for Miss Holloway:

How to Access Hwb

Helpful Learning Links


Here are a range of helpful links to support your child's home learning. The links cover a range of topics such as literacy, numeracy, movement, mindfulness and ICT.


Literacy and Numeracy Links

Letters and Sounds: Here are some phonics activities. All the games will help your child with reading/sound recognition:


Top Marks: Here are some maths activities – We have covered a range of Maths activities this year. We love playing the gingerbread man game and Teddy numbers to help us with our counting skills. There are lots of other fun games to help with patterns, shapes and money:


Speech and Language resources:


Oxford Owl: There is access to Oxford Reading Tree ebooks:


Mindfulness and Movement Links

Busy Feet song:


Cosmic Kids Yoga – The Very Hungry Caterpillar:


Calming music and visual sensory therapy:


Minibeast Topic Links

Here is a story about a ladybird. Listen to the story and talk about your favourite part and why? What the Ladybird Heard Story:


What the Ladybird Heard Song:


Twinkl - Free resources. You do have to join for free. Use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS:


BBC School Radio – For nursery rhymes:


ICT Links

Bouncy Balls:


Pixie Dust:






HelpKidzLearn – Examples of iPad apps and a 14 day free trial for the Help Kidz Learn Website:

We Love Singing and Signing! laugh

Family Signs with Miss Smith

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Welsh Weather Song

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There's a worm at the bottom of the garden

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Spring Term 2020

What will we be learning this term?

This term our topic is 'lightbulb'. We will be looking at light and dark, including what we do in the day time and what we do at night.

How can I support my child's learning this term?


As you know our topic for this term is Lightbulb and will be based around light and dark. We will also be learning about day time and night time routines. Here are some activities you can do with your child to support their learning:


1. Listen to bedtime stories together.

2. Look out of the window and count the stars at night. 

3. Brush your teeth together. 

4. Try different types of breakfast foods such as cereal or egg on toast.

5. Listen to and sing rhymes such as 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

You can listen to these songs on the BBC School Radio Website:

Easter Activities

Easter is approaching and we usually love being creative, making lots of different Easter crafts in School. We know how creative you are and it would be great if you could get creative at home. Please find below lots of different crafts and Easter card ideas. Once you have made some crafts or cards we would love it if you shared your crafts with us on HWB or Twitter.  

Video of the Week

Easter Holidays! smiley


Can you learn the signs for these animals over Easter with Mr Tumble?

Easter Crafts

We have been looking at colours!

Autumn Term 2019

What will we be learning this term?

This term we will be learning about heroes and people who help us. We will also look at festivals and seasons!

How can I support my child's learning this term?


As you know our topic for this term is Heroes and is based around people who help us and our own heroes. We will also be learning about different festivals. Here are some activities you can do with your child to support their learning:


1. Watch Fireman Sam together and talk to your child about what different people do to help us i.e. a firefighter puts out fires, a teacher helps us learn. 

2. Go to the supermarket or a cafe and encourage your child to say please and thank you to staff as they are helping us. 

3. Watch fireworks together and talk about how we keep safe.

4. Make a Christmas card together.

5. Listen to and sing rhymes such as 'Dr Foster Went to Gloucester.'

You can listen to these songs on the BBC School Radio Website:

Important Dates:

6th December - Trip to Santa and Christmas fete

10th and 11th December - Nativity concert

13th December - Pantomime trip

16th December - Carols around the Christmas tree

18th December - Class Christmas party

20th December - Last day of school 

We love cooking!

We learnt about the police...

We have learnt about the fire brigade...

We learnt about the autumn and harvest.

Roald Dahl Day

What will we be learning this term?

Summer Term 2019

For the summer term our topic is beach. We will be learning about all things to do with the sand and sea!

How can I support my child's learning this term?


As you know our topic for this term is Beach and is based around the beach and the sea. Here are some activities you can do with your child to support their learning:


1. Go to the beach and collect shells.

2. Have an ice cream together. 

3. Go swimming in the sea.

4. Go to a beach cafe. 

5. Listen to and sing rhymes such as 'A Sailor Went to Sea' or '1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive.'

You can listen to these songs on the BBC School Radio Website: 

One World Week - Learning about our Environment

We explored our forest area.
We looked at animals that live in a forest.
We cleaned up our outdoor area.
We tried to recycle into green and pink bags.
We sorted the rubbish into bags.
We planted beans to help our environment.

Exploring The Beach

What will we be learning this term?

Spring Term 2019

For the spring term, our topic is Scrumptious! We will be looking at lots of different types of food! 

How can I support my child's learning this term?


As you know our topic for this term is Scrumptious and is based around food. Here are some activities you can do with your child to support their learning:


1. Go to a cafe or restaurant. 

2. Try a new food. 

3. Bake or cook something together.

4. Go shopping to a supermarket and use a shopping list. 

5. Listen to and sing rhymes such as 'Five Currant Buns' or '10 Fat Sausages Sizzling in a Pan.'

You can listen to these songs on the BBC School Radio Website: 

Afternoon Tea Easter Treat

Autism Awareness Week

We Planned a Sleepover Party

We planned what we wanted to eat.
We made chocolate crispy cakes.
We tasted different types of midnight snacks.
We watched a film in our PJs!
We really enjoyed our party!

Pancake Day

We did a science experiment using lemon juice.
We decorated our pancakes and made choices.

Welsh Week!

We felt leeks for our sensory session
We painted daffodils
We made Welsh flags
We had a competition for the Eisteddfod

We like to go shopping!

Pizza Making

Our Sensory Sessions!

What will we be learning this term?

Autumn Term 2018

For the autumn term our topic has been glitter and glow. We have been looking at stars, lights and all things sparkly! We have had lots of fun. 
We were sorting shiny and non shiny things.
We used shiny materials to decorate stars.
We went into the UV room for a shiny things hunt.
We made waffles in our cooking sessions.
We went out into Coed Clas. We had fun!
It is our Christmas concert 'A Little Nativity' on Tuesday 11th at 2pm and Wednesday 12th at 10am. We can't wait for you to see it!