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Key Stage 2 Specialist Teaching Facility for ASD - Mrs Bray

Home Learning Grid Spring

This is a tapping song we use in class every morning as part of our routine. smiley

It helps to get the children focused on their tasks and it helps with their well being.

Hello everyone,


i hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer holidays and are looking forward to coming back to school and seeing your friends and teachers.


Just a quick note to help you return to school next week. Mrs Evans has made a video to help you when you come into school. Please watch it as it will help you to know which path you have to take. You will see blue flowers on the path follow these and they will lead you to the door you will use to come into school. One of the teachers will be there to meet you and take you to class.


I will be your teacher and Mrs Evans, Miss Picton, Mrs Wallace will be in class with me.  We are delighted Mrs Botto is joining the class in September. She is a familiar face to you and your children and she will be a very welcome support in the class.


We are all so excited to see you all again  and see how much you have grown. 

Until next week 

Stay Safe

Mrs Bray smiley

Returning to school September 2020

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We enjoy learning together and exploring the world around us. We like to visit our local area, and participate in new experiences. Our class teacher is Mrs Bray and we are supported by Mrs Evans, Mrs Wallace and Miss Picton.

  • Class fund is £3 to be paid every Monday. This covers the cost of fruit, snack, cooking and shopping.
  • Shopping Friday morning.
  • Try and keep us updated in your home/school link books. 

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Please see links to websites for maths and language activities, in addition to the Home Learning Grid.


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Hi All,  I hope you are all keeping well at this tricky time.   My email address is above and the children should all have their email addresses in the Home/School link books.  Please get in touch so I can find out how the home learning is going and maybe give you some new ideas.

I am very excited about  a new web site has been launched today 20/04/2020 please go to Google and type in:    oak national academy 

Here you will find daily online lessons. As we are all working from home it can be difficult to keep in contact. But contact is important at this tricky time. Please get in touch the staff and I are missing  you all so much.                   

Summer Topic 2020


This term we have a very interesting topic "Blood, Bones and Gory Bits".

We will be reading the book 'Funny Bones' looking at bones in our bodies and how they work, including learning about body parts and our facial features. We will be making our own poetry based on the Funny bones rhyme as well as learning abut people who help us. 

Spring Term 2020


Topic - Light Bulb


This term we are investigating lots of things to do with Light. The children have all given their ideas about where light comes from. We will be reading Peace at last, The lighthouse keepers lunch and The owl that is afraid of the dark amongst others. We will be doing lots of science experiments including making and discovering shadows and rainbows. 


The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.


We enjoyed listening to the story, and created a lighthouse model during our Lego based Therapy session. We went to see Mumbles lighthouse whilst having our breakfast by the beach. 



 St Davids Day 2020

For St Davids day we made Welsh Dragon sun catchers for our window the light makes them shine bright red.

                                            Northern Lights


We looked at different lights in the sky and discovered the different coloured Northern Lights which have lovely patterns, we were inspired by pictures and made our own using chalks.



Eyes and Opticians


We have learnt that we see light and dark through our eyes and have collected data about peoples eye colours in school. We have recorded our results in a table. We mixed colours to make different eye colours, we have put them on our windows and look through them to play eye spy.


We also had a very special visit to the Opticians to help us learn what its like to have an eye test and what happens, the Optician shone a light in our eyes and showed us pictures on a light box, we looked at 3D pictures and looked at the colour blind pictures.


Swansea Fire Station


We have visited the Swansea Fire Station to explore light, this was led by the children's ideas whilst discussing our topic "light" which led to fire and fire engine lights. The Fire fighters were very helpful and supported the children's learning through sensory experiences including a ride on the fire engine itself. We really enjoyed using the special thermal heat seeking camera, where we could see our body temperature through light and dark images.

Christmas 2019


We enjoyed making lots of Christmas decorations and crafts for Christmas. We also visited the Poundfold and saw Santa. We had a brilliant experience and got to feed Santa's reindeers too.


The Victorians


This term our topic is Victorians. To begin our topic we met some Victorian people where we could ask questions about Victorian times.We are learning about people, their jobs and schools. We are looking at the history of Queen Victoria and other famous Victorians.

We also learnt about light and shadows by creating Victorian style silhouette portraits of ourselves.


For World Poetry Day, we listened to poetry by Lewis Carroll called, The Jabbawocky.


We celebrated Roald Dahl Day by reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. We made line paintings of Victorian houses, in the style of Quentin Blake.


We celebrated Harvest by making our pumpkins.




Victorians Overview

                                             Folly Farm 2019


Thanks to the Rotary Club for giving us the opportunity to see and learn about many wonderful animals we had a great day out.



                            Visit to Tir John Recycling Centre


We were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the recycling centre where we were able to see where all our rubbish goes, Swansea council were very helpful and happy to help us learn. We were able to see different things that can be recycled such as plastic, cardboard, batteries, paints and garden waste amongst others.

                             Visit to the Environment Centre


We had a great learning experience at the Swansea Environment Centre where we found out about environmentally friendly alternative products, we saw socks made out of bamboo and wooden toothbrushes. We also saw many refillable products that we can use in the home to save buying plastic and found out about how to recycle toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, bread bags and crisp packets.   

This term we have made the most of the wonderful weather and explored the outdoors. We are reading the Gruffalo story and enjoying our sessions at Coed Clase, we have been searching for characters in the book and finding out about the woodland they live in.


We collected things we found in the forest to help us learn and relax, we printed, painted, cut, counted and made transient art.


We visited Perriswood in the Gower who taught us all about owls, we even got to hold them and watch them fly.


We looked at real birds nests, and made our own, we had help from the RSPB to discover the minibeasts that live in Coed Clase.


We had fun making log pile houses, bird feeders and bug hotels to help animals living in our Wild Wood (Coed Clase).


We enjoyed making and tasting owl decorated pancakes and roasted fox sandwiches (Ham)

You can view ideas for 30 Days Wild by using the link below.


There are also a range of activities you could take part in at the National Waterfront Museum.



You could also view whats on in Swansea in the document below.


The Celts 


We have been learning about the Celts. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Castell Henllys where we experienced life as a Celt, making flatbread and exploring wattle and daub. 


Back in school, we practised weaving in our outdoor area. We visited the Mission Gallery where we used wool and ribbon in our weaving workshop. 

Welsh Tales 


We have also been learning about Welsh tales this term. Our favourite is the story of Yr Afanc, the lake monster. We visited Fendrod Lake, but didn't see Yr Afanc. We even designed our own lake monster, as well as using Monet's 'Waterlilies' to inspire our lake paintings. 

Merry Christmas!


Christmas has been a very busy time in our class.


We performed 'White Christmas' in Makaton sign for our parents, and have made Christmas cards and gifts for our families. 

In the last week of term, we visited Santa in his Toy Mine. We all enjoyed, and loved meeting Santa! 

Travelling Around - Spring Term 2019


Our topic this term is Travelling Around, where we have been finding out about different types of transport.


We visited the local area in the minibus and found pictures of old and new buses.


Learning about bicycles was fun, and everyone enjoyed reading the story of 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'



We even designed a new bicycle for Mrs Armitage!




We learnt to program our BeeBot and we did a traffic survey, to see how many cars, lorries and buses went around the roundabout.  




Spring Termly Overview 2019