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Reception - Mr Lewis

Welcome to Reception


Croeso i Derbyniad!
Welcome to Reception!

This year, we have just one Reception class which is taught by Mr Lewis. We also have three amazing Teaching Assistants who support the children in every day activities - Mrs Thomas, Mrs Parry and Miss Briskham.

We have a fantastic outdoor area that we have all to ourselves this year and we try to use every day. Within the classroom we have a writing area, maths area, creative area, small world area, construction area, Welsh area, reading area, funky fingers area and ICT area. The children use these areas independently to complete various activities that help to build on the foundation of learning which they experience through focused tasks with a teacher.

Please have a look through our page for regular updates. We will update our termly overviews and will provide lots of other resources to help build on what we are learning in school.

Thank you for your continued support and if there is anything else you would like to know or interested in finding more about, please do not hesitate to approach a member of the Reception team.


Diolch yn fawr!

Reception Autumn Overview

Our topic for Autumn term is 'Heroes' which is mainly focused on people who help us such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors and more. The children have shown great enthusiasm toward this topic and are really looking forward to learning more about it. The children use JIT Pictogram on HWB to vote on what they would like for their role play area and they decided on a Fire Station which is shown in the pictures below.

Role Play Area - Fire Station

Role Play Area - Fire Station 1
Role Play Area - Fire Station 2
Role Play Area - Fire Station 3
Role Play Area - Fire Station 4

Fire Fighters Visit

Fire Fighters Visit 1
Fire Fighters Visit 2
Fire Fighters Visit 3
Fire Fighters Visit 4
Fire Fighters Visit 5
Fire Fighters Visit 6

Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack

Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack 1
Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack 2
Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack 3
Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack 4
Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack 5
Guide Dog Visit - Swansea Jack 6

Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges

Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 1
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 2
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 3
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 4
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 5
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 6
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 7
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 8
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 9
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 10
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 11
Autumn Term Rainbow Challenges 12

Children in Need 2019

Children in Need 2019 1
Children in Need 2019 2
Children in Need 2019 3
Children in Need 2019 4
Children in Need 2019 5
Children in Need 2019 6
Children in Need 2019 7
Children in Need 2019 8
Children in Need 2019 9

Spring Term - Light bulb

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Chinese New Year Activities

Chinese New Year Activities 1
Chinese New Year Activities 2
Chinese New Year Activities 3
Chinese New Year Activities 4
Chinese New Year Activities 5
Chinese New Year Activities 6
Chinese New Year Activities 7
Chinese New Year Activities 8
Chinese New Year Activities 9
Chinese New Year Activities 10
Chinese New Year Activities 11
Chinese New Year Activities 12
Chinese New Year Activities 13
Chinese New Year Activities 14
Chinese New Year Activities 15

Jolly Phonics A-Z

We use Jolly Phonics songs to help the children recognise and remember different sounds in the alphabet.