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Language of the Term

Our school community is vibrant and diverse and we are proud that there are many children from various backgrounds and cultures. 


Here at Clase, at least 26 languages are spoken within our school community. These include Polish, Turkish, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and Punjabi, to name just a few!


We value and respect all the languages and faiths within our diverse community.  To celebrate this, we have a ‘Language of the Term’ in school where children can learn about different cultures and traditions as well as words and phrases from each other’s languages.

Our Polish speaking children worked together to research, write and put together an assembly, which they presented to the whole school. 


This launched Polish as our Language of the Term and children throughout the school will now engage in activities to help them learn more about Poland, the Polish culture and even the language!

Polish Phrases.mp4

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Why not have a go at trying to learn some Polish phrases?