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Young Interpreters

At Clase Primary School we want all of our learners to be happy and healthy individuals, who feel safe, settled and valued and are fully included in everything that we do. Our school community is diverse and we are proud of the skills and knowledge that all our children bring to our school.


The Young Interpreters Scheme recognises the potential that exists within our school community for learners to support their peers that are new to speaking English, so that they feel safe, settled and valued from the very start of their school experience.


Our Young Interpreters group has been chosen specifically by their teachers, as they have demonstrated their kindness, helpfulness and empathy towards others. They have undergone specific training to prepare for their role and support new learners in various different ways, including:


  • Being a buddy to new children during break and lunch times by playing games or eating lunch with them.
  • Showing new children and visitors around the school.
  • Checking in with new children to make sure they are ok.
  • Helping new children to communicate with others, e.g. if they have a problem or difficulty.
  • Showing new children when things happen and how they happen, e.g. at tidy up time.


There are lots of ways that the Young Interpreters can help others, but the main thing they do is use all of their languages to help others!