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Clase Primary School Estyn Report 2019


Please click here to view our Estyn report online.


Dear Parents and Carers,


As you are aware at the end of March 2019 ESTYN inspectors came to visit us at school. We are delighted that the report has now been published and is available to view on our school website as well  as the ESTYN website.


The school has been judged under 5 inspection areas and I have included the outcome of each judgement


Inspection area





Excellent – Very strong, sustained performance and practice


Good – Strong features, although minor aspects may require improvement

Wellbeing and attitudes to learning


Teaching and learning experiences


Care, support and guidance


Leadership and management



This is a glowing report that highlights the hard work and commitment of the Headteacher, school leaders, staff and governors.


Among the other highlights included in the ESTYN report is the work of the school’s Pupil Leadership Team and the very strong voice it gives a range of pupils in influencing school life. Inspectors said: “Pupils speak with exceptional pride about their leadership roles and the difference they make in the school community.


Inspectors also commented during inspection on the number of positive responses and feedback from parents and we continue to be grateful for the on-going support of families and the community of Clase.



I have included a selection of comments from the report:                                                    


The school is an extremely caring and inclusive community that supports pupils exceptionally well.


During their time at the school, many pupils make good progress and achieve good standards by the end of key stage 2.


The school provides pupils with outstanding levels of support and guidance within an inclusive and caring community.


All staff promote the importance of good behaviour, courtesy, respect and commitment very successfully. This is an excellent feature of the school’s life.


Pupil’s behaviour in classes, in and around the school is exemplary.


The Headteacher provides highly effective leadership…….she has worked with the school community to bring to life her vision for inclusive and nurturing provision for pupils.


All leaders work effectively within a culture of collaboration and teamwork to realise the school’s high expectations for pupils.


Nearly all pupils feel very safe and secure in school….working relationships between pupils and staff are extremely nurturing and trusting.


Nearly all pupils speak with exceptional pride about their leadership roles and the difference they make to the school community.


The successful working relationships that exist between staff and pupils are a significant feature of the school.


In all classes, teachers provide purposeful and relevant learning experiences for their pupils.

Members of the governing body have a thorough knowledge of the schools performance.


The report includes just two recommendations:


R1 To improve standards in speaking Welsh

R2 To improve provision for extending writing, especially for more able and talented pupils.


As you can see this outstanding report highlights many important aspects and as a community I believe we can all be very proud of our school.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr Alan Gabriel

Chair of Governors

Clase Primary School