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Half-Term Update

Dear Parents and Carers,


As a school we would like you to know that even though we can’t be together you all continue to be in our thoughts.


We have been so pleased with the way you have all joined in the practical activities and we are glad you’ve enjoyed learning with your children. We are really pleased that you’ve all joined in our school theme ‘How does your garden grow’ and had so much fun!  We have especially loved seeing all the photographs of the amazing things you’ve been doing at home and the special messages you have sent to teachers.  


Thank you for all your kind words on twitter and class dojo – they have really helped us to keep going and reminded us of what a special place Clase Primary School is and how much we miss the children.


We have set aside this week as our half term break for all staff and children. We would ask that you don’t contact staff this week or expect them to contact you as they will be taking a well-earned rest. The school office will be open for a limited time on Tuesday morning if you need to speak to someone but please only contact us if really necessary. Childcare will be open from Tuesday to Friday this week.


There won’t be any news activities on the learning grids this week but we have given the children two special missions instead. As this is such a unique time we are asking them to bury or hide a time capsule. We have made a video to help you get started with this mission. You will find it on our website under   ‘How does your garden grow?’


We know that lots of people on our community are feeling lonely right now because they can’t get out and about to see family and friends like they usually do so we are asking the children to make special posters as an act of kindness. The details are on our website and twitter.


We would like you all to take a little break from academic work this week. Please make the most of the lovely sunshine we are having - try to have some fun in your own home and garden.


Stay safe everyone and best wishes to you all


Mrs Hope and staff