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Information for children who usually receive free school meals

Update for pupils who receive free school meals - Friday 20th March


Dear Parents and carers


From Monday onwards, following some great work by our catering team “Grab and Go” bags will be available for all pupils who receive free school meals to pick up from school during the normal lunch hour.


The number of bags produced will be reviewed on a daily basis depending on the take up – any not used will be re-distributed to the community via food banks.


In the first instance can you please ring the school office to order lunch before 9 am on Monday morning 23rd March  if you would like to order meals for your children.



The food provided will be as follows:


Pupils who receive free school meals will have the following:-


Packed lunch (Filled Roll, Bottle of water, Fruit, Muffin or Yoghurt)


There will be no hot food served. This will be kept under review, but as this is an emergency situation  we have to cater for a vast number of pupils and food safety needs to be adhered to at all times to ensure a safe meal is provided for our pupils on time.




Sharon Hope