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Peace and Goodwill Message

Peace and Goodwill Message


Dear Parents and Carers,


May 18th marks an important date in Wales. The Peace and Goodwill Message is unique to Wales, and has been delivered annually for the past 98 years to people all over the world by the young people of Wales.


This is the only message of its kind in the world! It has continued through world wars and significant changes in communications, from Morse Code to radio and the mailing service, to today's digital networks.


At this troubling time when we can’t all be together to share peace, love and goodwill with our friends and loved ones, we are asking parents, carers and children to join us on May 18th to share the important Peace and Goodwill message to others around the world.


How can you get involved?


Take a picture of yourself making the triangle symbol (see picture examples below) and Tweet it to @claseprimary or send them to NO LATER THAN SATURDAY 16TH MAY. They will be Tweeted on our page on the 18th of May.


More information about the Peace and Goodwill Message project can be found at:


Fascinating information about the history of the project can be found at:


Help us to spread the message of Peace and Goodwill around the world!


Diolch yn fawr!