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Update from Local Authority

Dear Parent/ Carer


Once again, thank you for your support during this critical period in a public health crisis.

Infection rates are at record levels and we all need to play our part to bring this situation under control and quickly. If infections continue to rise at the current rate then there is a very real danger the local system will be overwhelmed during the festive period.

As a result of the Chief Medical Officer in Wales’ advice overnight, secondary schools across Wales will switch to blended/remote learning from Monday 14 December 2020.

In Swansea, school sites will be open with all school staff expected to deliver learning from a distance. Provision for vulnerable children will be available at each school and if critical workers need childcare for those in years 7 and 8 then each secondary school will make that provision.

Please speak to your local school if you have concerns. Your child’s school can tell you more about how learning will be delivered next week. Please can I emphasise that your child needs to be at home and learning until 18 December.

Children needing to be on site should bring their own packed lunch. Further details on FSM payments and food bag deliveries for FSM pupils will be announced on 14 December 2020.

Following representation from primary headteachers, consideration of attendance figures and particularly the 10 day rule on isolation before Christmas, Swansea Council has revised its position. A move to blended learning is also the right thing to do in primary schools, special schools and the PRU given our local circumstances. Again, each primary school site will remain open until 18 December 2020 with staff expected to continue working on delivering distance learning from the school to home.

More details will follow on FSM bags or payments for the week commencing 14 December 2020. 10 December 2020 Every school will be expected to provide for the most vulnerable learners who need face to face support.

Critical workers should contact their own school for childcare provision, if needed. Children needing to be on school site should bring a packed lunch with them or order a food bag via the school.



Helen Morgan-Rees

Interim Director of Education