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Autumn Term Learning

Autumn Term Learning


In the Autumn term we were learning about being confident and how to overcome our nerves by having-a-go through our topic 'What does it mean to be brave?'. We have had lots of opportunities to build and develop these skills through a number of activities and experiences. As well as all these lovely things, we were also developing our confidence building up to our final project at the end of term, our 'Clase has got Talent' talent show. The children had the opportunity to perform in front of their peers or to be supportive and encouraging member of the audience, cheering on their friends. Below are some photos to show you what we have been up to!


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Bravery Day

We decided to dress up as people that we thought were brave! We had army soldiers, police and firemen, nurses and doctors, singers and lots of superheroes. In our classes we talked about what bravery meant to us, what bravery looks like and who we think is brave. The children also had some bravery themed activities to enjoy in our classrooms throughout the day. 



Clase Theatre

For our roleplay area this term, we turned the space into a theatre. The children were able to buy and sell tickets, drinks and popcorn for the show. They could dress up in lots of different costumes and perform on the stage for their friends. 



Food Tasting

Our learning was really exciting through this topic. We loved using the mystery box to be brave and put our hands in to guess what food was hidden inside. We even tasted a little bit of the food, even if we had never tried it before! Some of it was delicious and some of it was.....a bit strange! I'm sure you can tell by our faces! 



Talent Show

Lots of us were feeling brave to take part in the Talent Show that we performed for the rest of the boys and girls in Year 1&2. The children spent time deciding their music, what routines they were going to do and how they were going to perform it, making sure they put in lots of practise. We also had a very supportive audience, who clapped and cheered every act. Some pupils were confident enough to give some lovely feedback to our performers too. All in all, every child enjoyed themselves and our Talent Show was a success! Da iawn boys and girls! 



Wiggley's Fun Farm

We finished off our Autumn Term learning by taking a trip to Bridgend to visit Wiggleys Fun Farm! We were lucky enough to enjoy many different areas and even had time for a packed lunch picnic before heading home on the bus. We were able to feed the different farm animals with our own bags of food - the goats were very greedy and some of them stole our bags and ate it all, oh dear! We had fun in the indoor and outdoor play areas, climbing up high and walking across wobbly bridges. The forest was amazing, there was a space for us to read a special story at the top of the hill, a squelchy swamp that we stomped across in our wellies and there were loads and loads of trees for us to climb!