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Cae Tan Project

Cae Tan Project


Since 2019 we have taken part in an exciting project with the lovely project workers from Cae Tan. The project was a year long and the aim of the project was to allow pupils to develop as enterprising, creating contributors.


Jessie from Cae Tan came to visit us and we played lots of games and learnt about lots of new things! We visited Illston Farm in Gower and tried lots of new fruits and vegetables and we got to see how a growing farm worked.


In school, Cae Tan helped us plant tomatoes, onions, flowers and herbs.We were also lucky enough to visit the Gower Heritage Centre where we learnt how flour is made.


Finally, we had a celebration day where everyone in Key Stage 2 got involved! We made our own yummy pizzas with help from "Popty Pizza" and we used the vegetables that we grew to put on top. They were delicious! We finished off the project by making our own soups and sharing them within the community and with each other.

Cae Tan Fun!