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Spring Term Learning

Spring Term Learning

Spring Term Overview

In the Spring term we were did lots of learning through our whole school topic 'What powers our lives?'. A mystery bag turned up in our classrooms and we had an exciting circle time, feeling what was inside the bag...turns out it was a cook book! We decided to have a Spring Picnic at school and invite our grown ups in to enjoy with us, but unfortunately, Evil Pea stole all our picnic food. So we had no choice but to write our own instructions to help us make sandwiches for the Spring Picnic. We spent lots of time exploring instructions and recipes and learning all about the different vocabulary that we needed to include make our instructions perfect. Once we had written our final instructions, we invited our grown ups into school ready for the picnic. As well as all these lovely things, we were also lucky enough to have lots of sessions with Canu Carl. He comes into school and lets us explore the musical instruments and teaches us Welsh songs. We celebrated St David's Day and Easter as a school too this term. Below are some photos to show you what we have been up to!


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What is in the bag?

When the mystery bag turned up in our classrooms we were so excited to guess what was inside. Once everyone had felt inside the bag, we came to the conclusion that it was definitely a book! We didn't know what book so everyone made a prediction to guess what book was inside. Then we revealed the book, and found that is was a cookbook! 

Spring Picnic Planning

We planned to have a spring picnic where we could invite our grownups in but unfortunately, Evil Pea over heard our plans and decided to steal all of the food for our picnic. He even left us an evil note! 

Instructional Writing

We realised that our instructions needed to include some important vocabulary. We learnt about time connectives, so that the person using our instructions knew what order they needed to follow. We also learnt about bossy verbs, because bossy verbs tell us what to do! Once we had all this information, we were ready to write our final instructions.

Spring Picnic with our grown ups

Once we had our final instructions, we decided to invite our grown ups into school and we used our instructions to help us make a sandwich. It was so much fun using our work to help us make something tasty to eat. Once we had made our sandwiches, we were able to enjoy our picnic. We also brought our work books along to we could show our grown ups all the work we are proud of. The spring picnic was a success and there was no sign of Evil Pea again...phew!

Home Role Play

This term we had a new themed role play area. Our Home role play was set up and we had a kitchen area, a dining table area, and an area to relax and read a book. We enjoyed spending time with our friends from all the classes across year 1/2. We practised following instructions to cook healthy meals, we laid the table ready to eat dinner, we made sure we cleaned the house using the sweeping brush and the hoover. We even used the tea pot to pour each other cups of tea. 

Canu Carl

As a school we are vey lucky to be able to have session with Canu Carl and this term it was our turn! Every Monday Carl brings lots of different percussion instruments into school, along with his giant speaker. First of all we get to use the instruments to warm up our bodies and voices by dancing, playing and singing to a cool pop song. Then we spend some time learning Welsh songs, like Aderyn Melyn, Sosban Fach, and Lawr Ar Lan Y Mor. Then we finish the session with some more dancing, playing and singning. It's great, we loved our time with Canu Carl this term!

St David's Day

As a school we celebrate St David's Day during our Welsh Week. We spent time learning all about different Welsh Artists to create beautiful pieces of art work for the competition. Miss Ford's class researched Ruth Shelley. They looked at her glasswork, which inspired them to create their own digital patterns and turn them into vases. Then they used a blending technique to shade the colours orange and yellow for their daffodils that went inside the vases. Miss Tobins class looked at Rhiannon Roberts. They recreated her artwork of Castel Coch using watercolours and blended them together. Miss Humphreys class looked at Louise Jones. The recreated mumbles lighthouse and used watercolours to create block colours for different sections of their art work. 


We finally finished off the term by learning about Easter and taking part in the Easter parade. The children loved designing and creating their easter bonnets in the house and in school. We then showed them off by joining in with the parade for the rest of the school and the community to see. After that, we came together as a whole school for our Easter assembly where we sang some songs and listened to the easter story.